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Treasure Hunt
a game in which players search for hidden objects by following a trail of clues

Student Coordinators 
  • Praveen
  • Swathi
  • Mamatha

Talent Show
A talent show is an event where participants perform talents of singing, dancing, acrobatics, acting, drumming, martial arts, playing an instrument, or other activities to showcase skills, sometimes for a reward, trophy or prize. Many talent shows are performances rather than contests, but some are actual contests, awarding prizes to their participants

Lecturer Hall  ( L.H) - Drum Room
Faculty Coordinator : Mrs.Subhadra
Student Coordinators ( Dance )
  • Balaraju
  • Nagendra Babu
  • Laxman Kumar
Student Coordinators ( Singing )
  • Anusha 
  • Prema
Memory Game
Memory Game was a short-lived memorized based game

Lecturer Hall  ( L.H) - 39

Student Coordinators
  • Venkatesh Kranthi
  • Venkatesh Nellutla
  • Rakesh Goud