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Young Manager

Lecturer Hall  ( L.H) - 40

Faculty Coordinator : Mr.K.Naupal Reddy 

Student Coordinators 
Girish Kulakarni
This event is to prove young professionals talent like
  • Understand the challenges in functional areas and grasp the main cross-functional management principles
  • To check essential theoretical skills and deepen understanding of core business topics
  • To know insights about personal management performance
  • How can he Build a network of professional contacts
Business Quiz 

Lecturer Hall  ( L.H) - 41
Faculty Coordinator : Mr.Upender 
Student Coordinators 
  • Bharath Kumar
  • Ramya 

To know about how to Starting your own business sounds like a dream. And though freedom and wealth can come from entrepreneurship, running your own business involves plenty of stress and uncertainty as well. Should you start your own business? Take our quiz and find out.
Power Point Presentation

Lecturer Hall  ( L.H) - 42

Faculty Coordinator : Mrs.BPS.Jyothi
Student Coordinators 
Reshu Guptha