Education is, without doubt, the single largest factor that shapes the destiny of a nation. It is the bringing together of the head, the heart and the mind, thereby developing an all-round personality.

Geethanjali College of Engineering and Technology is equipped and geared to take on the responsibility of providing the student community with technical education on par with the latest advances in the field in a committed academic ambiance and as we understand that acquiring a competency is not a one-time event, but rather an on-going process, the focus is on developing competencies in students for the future.What goes into making a great Institution, Geethanjali has it all.


Geethanjali College is organizing National Technical Paper Congress which serves as a perfect platform for the young Generation to excel and sharpen their intellectual skills in General and Technical skills in particular for which participation is invited. The two day National Technical Paper Presentation Congress will throw immense opportunity for the students to enrich their Technical & Management skills by interacting with renowned professors and resource persons who will grace the occasion.
Vipashyin'13 fest conducted by Department of Management Students of Geethanjali College to encourage many aspirants to actively participate in the events conducted as part of it and also presents many more.